How webmaster tools for google help you analyse your online performance?

Webmaster tools for Google

How webmaster tools for google help you analyse your online performance?

Google is an essential platform for measuring the online performance of any brand or business. When you launch any company and promote the products or services by creating a website, the traffic on it can make all the difference. So, to attract more users from the stream, Webmaster tools for Google can play a very important role. You may find many SEO tools in the market to measure the performance of your web pages on search engine result pages. But, if you want to select the most effective one, you can utilize Webmaster Tools from Google. 

To make the most of Google’s Webmaster Tools, you need to understand the purpose behind using it. Only then, it will be easier to determine how it can help owners to analyze their business’s performance online.

Significance of Webmaster Tools for Google in Analysing the Performance of Your Business

Google offers the feature of Webmaster Tools, which is also popular as ‘Google Search Console’. This is basically a set of web utilities that are made available to website owners for free. If you make use of these tools to monitor your website, it will be Google-friendly and SEO-friendly as well. 

When you implement Webmaster tools for Google, it enables the website owners to receive certain information. This can include details regarding incoming search traffic, indexing and crawling by Google and the crawl error report, and more. 

These tools are extremely important to ensure that Google can crawl their websites and process them for indexing purposes. It can also generate error reports to make them aware of the issues due to which websites are not ranking on Google search engine. 

By the help of Webmaster Tools, you can obtain a suggestion on the keywords that are ranking higher on Google. You can also know about the domains, which are linked to a given website using these tools. 

Stepwise Instructions to Use Webmaster Tools for Google in Your Business

In order to create your business’s website with Webmaster tools for Google, you need to follow a specific sequence of instructions. Once you set up your account successfully, you will be able to use these tools to develop your website and make it Google-friendly.

Step 1- Create Your Account for Webmaster Tools

While working with Webmaster Tools, you will have to begin with your Google account. Unless you have a valid user account on Google, you will not be able to use the tools for measuring your website’s performance. So, if you have an active profile on Google, you can access the Webmaster Tools by signing in it. 

You just have to go to Google and search for Webmaster Tools. Or, if you do not possess a Google account, you have to first create one and then log into it. 

Make sure to note down the username and password for accessing the account as well as the Webmaster Tools for future use. So, after you are ready with a Google account, you can simply use your email address to check the features in Webmaster Tools. 

Step 2- Select Business by Clicking ‘Add Your Site’

After creating your Google profile, you need to include your website to enable Webmaster Tools on it. Hence, remain logged into your Google account and access the Webmaster Tools page. There, you will find the tab for ‘Add a Site’ on the upper-right corner of the page. So, click on it and enter your website’s URL in the box provided below this button.

Then hit the ‘Continue’ button and it will display a new page that states ‘Verify your ownership’. On this page, you will have to confirm the action to add your website for Webmaster Tools. Hence, make sure that you authenticate your ownership for your site and follow proper instructions. Otherwise, Webmaster tools for Google will tag your website as ‘Not verified’ and block your access to the data. 

In order to verify your site, you can also choose the mode of Google Analytics. However, you have to access your Analytics account by acquiring Administrative rights. So, to verify your page on Webmaster Tools, you can use the option of ‘HTML upload file’. After downloading the file from Google, you have to click on the ‘Verify’ button to begin the website verification process. 

Step 3- Check ‘New and Important’ Section for Critical Issues

This is one of the crucial steps while analyzing the performance of your business using Webmaster Tools. So, go to the ‘Site Dashboard’ and locate the option of ‘Site Messages’ below it. As you click on this, it will display an extended section having the heading ‘New and important’. 

This is the segment where you will be able to learn about the recent critical issues on your website. So, if there is an important message regarding the performance of your site, you can view it here. In case, you fail to understand any issue, you can consult Webmaster Tools experts to explain the error. 

Step 4-  See if Manual Webspam Actions are Found

The section of ‘New and important’ can display messages sent by Google on a timely basis. Basically, you can see the reviews from Google’s expert in this space, if your content has some issues. 

In addition to this, you also have to examine whether any manual actions have been taken on your website. So you have to access the Home page on Webmaster Tools and select the site you want to investigate. After clicking your website, go to the menu on the left and choose the option of ‘Search Traffic’. Under this, you have to click on ‘Manual Actions’ to view the manual actions performed on-site. 

You need to remember that if the format of your site is not correct, it can lead to lower ranking and invite penalties. So, be very mindful of the web development team who is developing your business page. If Webmaster Tools detects any affected section in your page, Google will take certain actions and display them. Hence, you must follow the guidelines generated by Google to create your website to avoid such manual actions. 

Step 5- Look for Crawl Errors on Your Website

When Googlebot finds some kind of issue while crawling your website, it can return an HTTP error or crawl error. To know the issues that are preventing the Google crawlers to evaluate your page, you have to go to the left menu. So, click on the ‘Crawl’ option and then select ‘Crawl Errors’. In this segment, you will be able to see the ‘Site Errors’ and ‘URL Errors’ on your website. But, remember that this section will show the results from the past 90 days. 

The information in ‘Site Errors’ is all about the issues that Google is experiencing while crawling your site. However, the section of ‘URL Errors’ mention the list of links, which Google is unable to access specifically. Based on the results, it will categorize the links as ‘Access denied’ or ‘Not found’. 

Also, Webmaster Tools will display top 1000 pages having errors by sorting them in terms of priority. To receive timely messages from Google to point out the errors on your website, you must enable the email notifications. For that purpose, you can find the gear symbol on the main page of Webmaster Tools, click on it. Then select the option of ‘Webmaster Tools Preferences’ and tick the checkbox for ‘Enable email notifications’. 

Step 6- Check Overall Search Traffic and Security Reports

With the help of Webmaster Tools for Google, it is possible to estimate how people are perceiving your website. You will be able to know what’s the impression of your business on viewers and how many have clicked your site’s link. 

The Webmaster tool also offers accurate information regarding the click-through-price and your company’s position in the market. It will analyze which specific keywords or sites have landed the visitors on your pages. If any particular page is not performing well or becoming popular in less time, Google’s Webmaster Tools can determine them. 

In addition to this, if your website is having some kind of security issues, this tool will alert you about them. Hence, you can make use of Webmaster Tools for dealing with problems like content and SQL injections, website hacking attempts, virus or malware attack on sites and more. 

Step 7- Search Appearance and Data Analysis

With the help of this tool, you will be able to know the actual appearance of your website on the search engines. So, if any elements are missing or there is any need for certain optimization, Webmaster Tools helps in evaluating them all. You can then use these tools from Google to make changes with the site’s look and other features. 

The tools provided by Google’s Webmaster are effective in analyzing the data, which can fix website issues and enhance its performance. As this data is collected usually from the Search Queries, this tool will use the information to generate a performance report. This can include click-through rate (CTR), number of total clicks, the impression of your website on SERP (search engine result page), average position, etc. 

Wrap Up

Apart from these benefits, you can use Webmaster Tools for Google to test how genuine your robots.txt is. In case, some URLs has been blocked for your website, this tool can help in testing them and analyzing the issues. If you are not satisfied with the loading speed of your site, you can use PageSpeed Insights. Also, when you utilize this Webmaster Tools to create a website, it can be indexed by Google without any error. If you compare the benefits, this tool can offer an overall improvement for your website and helps to generate more traffic and revenue for your business.

Frequently Asked Question

Are There Any Charges to Use Google Webmaster Tools?

The website owners don’t need to pay anything for using the services and features from Google Webmaster Tools. Hence, if you are accessing the page as a webmaster, you can optimize your website’s visibility and check the status of its indexing free of cost. 

How to Verify Your Site by Google’s Webmaster Tools?

To verify your website using Google Webmaster Tools, first, sign in to your account. Then find the ‘Add Site’ button and type your domain in the box provided. You can also paste your site’s 3dcart stores address and click on the ‘Continue’ tab. Then on the ‘Verify Ownership’ page, choose ‘Meta tag’ as the Verification Method. Now, simply copy the code displayed in the box below and hit the ‘Verify’ button. You can make use of this copied code and sign in to your 3dcart Online Store Manager. Next, find ‘SEO Tools’ under the option of ‘Marketing’ and select ‘Google Analytics’ from the right pane. Once you locate the section of ‘Google Webmaster Tools Verification Meta Tag’, paste the code you copied previously. Then save this page and return back to Google for verifying your business’s website.