Remove Bad Reviews From Google listing

Having bad reviews on your business can affect its growth.

Remove Bad Reviews From Google listing: Avail Instant Support

Having bad reviews on your business can affect its growth, customer base and lower its reputation in the market rapidly. So, while listing your company for Google, you have to take care of the negative feedback and comments by taking proper measures. It is not possible to keep all of your customers happy and make them like your products/services. But, there are certain points to consider when you want to remove bad reviews from Google listing.

There can be situations when it might not be possible to delete or erase bad comments about your business. However, you have the option of flagging any specific review, which will ultimately lead to deletion. Now, besides knowing the correct steps to remove negative reviews and flagging a comment, there are many other ways to improve your business on Google listing. This is why stick to this article, to get a thorough details.  


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Stepwise Instructions on How to Delete Fake Reviews from Google:

There are several methods to identify the bad reviews on any business and erase them from Google listing. So, before you hire any professional to do this task, you should go through the steps to remove bad reviews from Google listing. 

Apply Correct Strategies to Deal with Fake Google Reviews

The features offered by the platform of Google My Business are effective enough to tackle negative or inauthentic reviews on any company. There are various tactics to identify whether a comment has been forcefully posted by a fake person. This is beneficial to remove those posts, which can be submitted by your competitors as well. So, if your objective is to detect such feedback and erase them, there are certain steps to do that. Hence, you must be aware of a few common signs that indicate a review is not genuine.

How to Detect a Suspicious Review on Google?

You should always remember some specific points while going through the reviews posted about your business on Google. 

  • If the post consists of any other website address or mentions some kind of contact details, it can be a review from an advertiser. 
  • Look for a name other than your business or brand when someone submits any negative review. This is a clear indication to defame your business. 
  • Fake reviews are also posted about any brand to make its competitors outshine in the market. So, if the user’s account doesn’t contain personalized imagery, it can be an inauthentic review. 
  • You might also find some posts that are referring to generic templates and not discussing your company in particular. This can be a comment from a customer, who didn’t like any specific product/service related to your business. But, that doesn’t mean he/she is talking about your brand and posting about some other dealer.

What are the Steps for Disputing a Review on Google My Business?

  1. Your first task is to access your profile on Google My Business page. Then, find the option of ‘Support’ from the navigation panel. 
  2. Now, click on ‘Need more help’ and go to ‘Customer reviews and photos’. Choose ‘Manage customer reviews’ and select ‘Email Support’.
  3. First, try to justify your situation by sending an email to the reviewers. If it doesn’t work, collect evidence of the suspicious feedback from them and submit to Google.

4. In case, the email support couldn’t fetch the correct response, you can send a tweet to GoogleSmallBiz handler. Explain your issues and how the bad review is violating Google’s policies.

5. Finally, if all the supporting documents prove that this review has been made to hamper your business’s image, you can file for legal removal request on Google. 

6. You can also visit ‘Google My Business’ page and select ‘Reviews’ from your business menu. Then mark the review you want to flag by clicking on the three-dot icon and selecting ‘Flag as inappropriate’.   

Consult Our Professionals to Remove Bad Reviews from Google Listing

If you are annoyed with the negative comments on Google’s search engine result pages, you can reach our experts from Australia Web Development agency. We have highly-skilled professionals who have years of expertise in reputation management for many leading businesses. These people will first approach the reviewer for negotiating regarding posting bad reviews on Google. Moreover, this is especially needed to avoid any kind of unnecessary legal disputes and remove fake comments peacefully. 

In case, your company can’t resolve this issue with the reviewer, we will follow the guidelines of Google’s review policies and remove the negative posts. We can also provide you some useful tips to avoid such reviews for your business and correct tools to manage them. 

So, if you want to know more about our services, you can contact us on helpline umber. Otherwise, simply send your message or solution requirements in our email address. Our experts will get back to you soon to discuss some of the best ways to remove false reviews from Google listing.

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