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Microsoft .NET Framework allows developers to build business solutions. The .NET application is also used for better performance. It has a rich set of APIs and powerful programming models.  With the help of that, you can develop the most appropriate personal and public cloud solutions. For example: in case of smartphones or desktop.

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What is .Net?

The .NET Framework is basically a programming model. It supports the creation and deployment of software applications for Windows Server. The .NET also support the Microsoft Azure, Windows, and XML Web Services. The .NET has been introduced by the Microsoft and the Microsoft Windows. Dot NET is also known as Common Language Runtime(CLR).  The CLR provides language compatibility in various programming languages. It also consists of a large number of library, that’s why the .NET is also called as Framework Class Library (FCL).

This framework is written to solve many application development problems. That includes development times. The .NET can change the quality of an app very quickly.

Advantages of .NET In Business Purpose

The success or failure of a project or product on the market is determined by the Return On Investment. The following .NET features make it easy to reduce development costs. It also uses to reduce the operational costs for efficient IT organizations. Watch Out;

Less Coding

This .NET framework mainly works with object-oriented programming. It is also used to eliminate the unnecessary code and coding for developers. .NET consists of reusable code and many components that can be reused. That means that it takes less time and less application development costs.


The .NET was first introduced in 2002. Since its introduction, the .NET has used to develop several applications. All of its versions are very comfortable and reliable.


The .NET gives you a complete security feature. .NET offers better application protection than Web applications developed with ASP. It has also inbuilt Windows confirmation, CLR offer safeguard features. Like code access security, and role-based security.

Use across languages

.NET can develop applications for desktops, browsers, mobile browsers or PDA applications. .NET is promoted as a framework that does not depend on language. That indicates that it can be developed in several languages. Such as Visual COBOL, C++, and many more.

Used for Service-Oriented Architecture

.NET is very much used in web services. It provides solutions for implementing SOA strategies. This application is also used in various programming languages. The platform can communicate and transmit data through standard Internet protocols.

Types of Applications that can be created with the help of .NET

You can create a lot of applications with the help of the .NET. Such as:

Desktop applications

Desktop Applications includes GUI application, accounting applications, inventory applications. It also consists of supply management and Windows services applications. These applications are very efficient for any kind of business purpose.

Web-based app

Web-based applications include Websites, XML Web services and etc.

Embedded Applications

Embedded app consist of PDA applications, also applications for mobile.

Others include

  • ASP.NET app
  • Console based app
  • Windows Presentation Foundation applications

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