How to Get Quality Leads by Running Ads on Facebook for Business Growth?

Facebok for business growth

How to Get Quality Leads by Running Ads on Facebook for Business Growth?

Facebook for Business offers a wide range of features to users for promoting their brands and achieve global recognition. But, you can also utilize this platform to generate quality leads for your business. This will require implementing the correct strategies to target specific consumers by means of paid campaigns and advertisements on Facebook. In order to make the most of this social media, there are a few specific sets of instructions. Hence, to get quality leads by running ads on facebook business page, you will have to follow them. 

Guidance on Generating Leads Using Facebook for Business Ads

If you intend to target more leads from the stream of traffic, you can use the platform of Facebook for Business. This is a feature specifically designed for business professionals to promote their products and services in a better way. But, in order to ensure that you are obtaining quality leads, you need to follow certain rules.

Rule 1: Identify and Learn About Your Potential Customers

Facebook is a social media platform, which is followed by millions of online users. Hence, this is a well-known place to attract others and make them aware of your business. So, the first task is to craft a post or message on Facebook, which can catch the reader’s attention. 

So, if you want the viewers to go through your posts, try to do some research on their requirements. You can then easily identify them by going through their likes and discussion on various pages. For convincing users to visit your website, you can develop Facebook ads. Hence, you can ask them about their problems and the kind of solution they are expecting. Also, take into consideration the language of preference while communicating about your services to the customers. 

Alongside Facebook, you can also collect the database of users from other social media platforms. This can include Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, which are now linked to Facebook profiles. Hence, you can obtain the information on leads from these channels or promote Facebook ads on associated websites. 

Rule 2: Provide Freebie to Attract Your Readers on Facebook

It doesn’t matter what your business domain is, but, free gifts are always helpful to target the audience. So, if you want to get access to authentic and quality leads for your business, offering freebies is best. When you provide links on your Facebook page that indicates some kind of free gifts after joining on participating, it can act as a lead magnet. The viewers will tend to check the content in the post and can apply for them. It is not always necessary to offer something tangible as a freebie but, it can be in digital form as well. 

So, you can create a link to get access to free content having some valuable information about any popular event/product. It can also be some points or digital coins, which users can collect after subscribing to the mailing list. As an owner of a business, you can conduct a free workshop or webinar to launch the products or services. 

Rule 3: Include a Thank You Page and Squeeze Page on Website 

While launching a business using Facebook page, collecting the contact details from visitors is quite essential. Especially, when one of your marketing strategies is to introduce the freebies for generating quality leads for your company. This is when you need to create Facebook ads and integrate them on the web page successfully. By doing this, you provide the opportunity to your audience to register their email address. 

You can also make use of a squeeze page, which is like a decision making for the visitors. So, by promoting your ads on Facebook via squeezes, it enables them to either sign in or leave it behind. Hence, if you are considering Facebook for Business, it can help to create a customer base and generate leads. This specific marketing tool utilizes software to develop squeeze pages very quickly. 

So, by making use of these tested tools and templates, you can build your business page. Such pages will be effective to convey about freebies to more people and obtain their contact information. But, don’t forget to provide a privacy statement, which will explain the data usage policy. Moreover, you can also mention the terms and conditions in a link but, avoid pop-ups on your page. Sometimes, the Facebook ads will not run or stop responding when your visitors click on the additional windows. Hence, you must never use such tricks that can divert the attention of your audience to other pages or Facebook ads. Finally, you can include a ‘Thank You’ page for those who will sign up for receiving the freebies and initiate conversions. 

Rule 4: Make Sure Your Thank-You and Squeeze Pages Have Facebook Pixel

The Facebook developer provides a special code, also known as Facebook pixel or cookie, to include on your website. This is the element that helps the owner to monitor all ongoing activities on their web pages. It further, sends those on their Facebook page by providing links to the ad accounts. So, to enable this specific feature, you will need to locate the option of ‘Facebook Ads Manager’. Then, find the heading of ‘Assets’ and choose the link for ‘Pixels’. 

Under the header bar for Facebook Pixel, click on the tab of ‘Actions’. After that, select the ‘View Pixel Code’ option from the drop-down menu. So, on the ‘View Pixel Base Code’ window, there is a string of code in the form of text. This is what you can get whenever you create a facebook ad account for your business. 

Now, for optimizing the ads on your Facebook page and tracking down the results, the pixel has to be added to both squeezes as well as thank-you pages. So, you need to copy the entire code string by clicking anywhere within the box. Then, paste this code between the head tags or in the thank-you page’s header area. Similarly, you can choose the option of ‘Lead Page Options’ and paste the Facebook Pixel code in this section also. 

In the next pop-up box, you will have to click on the icon for ‘Tracking Codes’. Here, you can add the pixel code and save the changes by clicking on the ‘Done’ button. After that, you can choose the ‘Custom Conversions’ option and optimize the ads for Facebook for Business

Rule 5: Select Ad targeting Options for Your Business

Creating Facebook ads can occur by following some simple instructions. But, before you create them, you must decide the audience that will be seeing it. Hence, you can choose the targeting options that will help to filter the potential buyers from the traffic on Facebook. There are overall fifty different filters to categorize your audience. This can include:


This defines the interests of online users and the topics they communicate the most. These can be clearly determined from the keywords, which are included in conversations on the Facebook post. Hence, you can form a list of word, phrase or keyword, which are relevant to your business. This can effectively help to form a customer base for sending Facebook ads. 


You can learn about your target consumers by categorizing them on the basis of location, gender, age, industry, education, relationship status, income range, etc. So, based on this information, you can easily decide which group of the audience will be suitable for seeing your ads on Facebook. If you can’t figure out which category of viewer is perfect for your business, you can take help from Australia Web Development experts.  

Rule 6: Create Appealing Facebook Ads for Your Audience

After understanding instructions necessary to create the ads for Facebook for Business page, it’s time to implement them in practice. Hence, you must design your ads by following some specific steps.

Instructions for Creating Your Facebook Ads

  1. First, go to the tab for ‘Facebook Ads Manager’ and then click on the option of ‘Create New Ad’. Next, you need to select the link for ‘Choose to create a new campaign’. Now, to set the correct objective for your ad, click on ‘increase conversions on your website’.
  2. After this step, write a proper name in the space provided for ‘Campaign Name’. Then, click on the ‘Continue’ button and choose a conversion event in the box below ‘Conversions’. Now, you need to select the audience who you want to see the Facebook ads on your page or website. 
  3. You also need to choose a placement for the ads by configuring the options below the section of ‘Edit Placements’. In case, you don’t want to customize the placements for your ads, you can select the option of ‘Automatic Placements (Recommended)’. 
  4. Along with this, set your daily budget based on your business’s investment and mention the correct currency. You have to schedule the start and end date for displaying the ads alongside it’s time details.
  5. Now, you have to create your ad by considering the list of benefits it will provide for the audience. You can now mention your freebie and call-to-action tabs along with this advertisement. If there are any forbidden content, specific keywords, and phrases, try to eliminate them beforehand. This will save you from the troubles that owners can experience after violating the advertising policies on Facebook.
  6. If you want to include any images, make sure that its within 1200 x 627 pixels. Overall, all these practices will lead to making your ads quite appealing to the viewers. Hence, you can expect a huge amount of revenues or conversions, if the strategies for Facebook ads work well.

So, the platform of Facebook for Business can work as an exceptional marketing tool to promote your business. If you offer the right kind of lead magnet, you can build a huge customer or client base for your company. Hence, it’s important to research properly on the mode and content of freebies, offers or deals, which can grab the attention from your audience. This can include email courses, seminars, articles, blogs, ebooks, video tutorials, free tools, templates, and checklists. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you Market Your Business on Facebook for Free?

For marketing your product/service for free, create a Facebook page and upload good-quality content and image in it. Make sure that you select the correct audience for the ads to receive impressive response from them. You can grab their attention by offering freebies on membership or subscription to newsletters. Mention your contact details by including the feature of call-to-action properly. 

What is the Usual Time to Run Facebook Ads During its Testing Stage?

If you are launching an online business or created a Facebook page for business to boost traffic, don’t expect results overnight. Hence, its best if you run your Facebook advertisement for a minimum time period of 4 to 5 days or one week. Sometimes, it also depends on your daily budget limit and the frequency of your advertisements to fetch conversions on Facebook.