Top 7 Best Performing Apps for iPhone at Affordable Price in Australia

best apps for iPhone Australia

Top 7 Best Performing Apps for iPhone at Affordable Price in Australia

The reason why iPhones are sold at competitive prices is because of it’s device specifications and ability to run certain apps. So, it’s quite obvious that if you are picking up a gadget, you will search for the best apps to load on it. You might also find a variety of apps for iPhones or iDevices in the market. But, in order to select the best apps for iPhone, first you must have some knowledge about the top products. 

Many users in Australia and overseas prefer to download and install apps from a reliable source. The reason is the safety of their gadgets and installing genuine software and apps for their iPhones. So, after going through the features and benefits of these apps, you can purchase the best app for your iPhone. 

List of Best Apps for iPhone You can Get from a Professional Development Agency

The apps are like brains to iPhones and other smart gadgets. So, the overall functionality of your device depends on the way some applications perform on it. Now, your iPhone doesn’t have unlimited memory space to store the apps and process them. This is why it’s important to go through the best apps for iPhone and select from them. You might also check the list to purchase those apps, which got corrupted or has been deleted from your gadget. So, even if there are many iPhone apps available for free, it’s worth the investment for some specific applications.

1. 1Password

You can download this app for your iPhone for free and it offers a 30-day trial for new users. For those who find it extremely difficult to remember their passwords, this is the app for them. 1Password is like a one-stop destination for storing passwords for almost your every account. It has improved security mechanism that enables the iPhone user to select strong passwords and change them randomly. The only thing that you need to remember and keep safe is the security key of the 1Password app.

1Password not only allows you to manage and remember passwords but, stores all kinds of private information. Hence, you can purchase this one app for storing addresses, contacts, card details or any other sensitive data. Moreover, this app can be accessed with TouchID on iPhones. So, if you want to install an application to keep the information on your gadget more secure, you can pick 1Password. 

2. Scanner Pro

It’s not always possible to carry along documents and books with you. Hence, iPhone device users can download and install this Scanner Pro app to serve this specific purpose. With the help of this application, you can capture images of documents on your gadget and store them as PDF. The software of Scanner Pro has the ability to recognize the type of document automatically. It will then crop the documents according to its type and size and uploads them to the cloud storage. 

Whenever you scan any document using Scanner Pro, it provides you some exclusive options to share them. You will also have the facility to convert the scanned texts in the images into editable content. This means you can choose the text and copy or edit them before sharing with somebody. It can recognize around 21 languages and comes along with the extension of iMessage. Hence, you will have the facility to take pictures of the documents and edit them in the messaging app. 

You can purchase this product of Scanner Pro from App Store on iPhones and iOS devices by paying around $4. If you compare its benefits with other PDF scanners, Faxes and OCR apps, it’s a great pick. 

3. Plex

Plex is one of the best organizing apps for media libraries on iPhone, iPod or Apple TV. It has features that allow streaming of music, videos and photo libraries from a single app. However, you can download and install this app for free on your iPhone. There are many users who prefer to pay for Plex Pass and use their gadgets for watching and recording media from Plex and other major networks. 

By installing Plex, you can also stream music from TIDAL, which is around 59 million tracks with high-quality audio. Also, your media library will have the capacity to store and play 2,50,000 music videos. So, if you are a music lover, you won’t be able to stop listening to songs on iPhone with Plex app. 

If you select the premium features of this app and enable Plex Live TV and Plex Pass, you can watch and record videos over-the-air for free. You just need to have a Plex tuner and digital antenna for accessing your iPhone as a full-fledged mini-television unit. This app provides you many free and exciting features that include remote access, Camera Upload, Parental Controls, Premium Photos, Live TV and other perks. 

Plex eliminates the need for carrying a hard drive to store and play huge media library. Hence, you can simply install this app on your iPhone and subscribe to Plex Pass by paying very less (around $5) as its monthly charges. But, you can also select to pay $40 for an annual subscription or become a lifetime Plex member by paying around $120. 

4. Camera+ 

If you choose this app of Camera+ app for your iPhone, it has features of a camera as well as an editing application. The main interface of this app is comparatively less complex and have a zoom slider along with the shutter. However, to explore the advanced features of this software, you need to tap on the icon of addition ‘+’. This will consist of some more modes such as stabilizer, timer, and facility for detecting smiling faces. As soon as you enter into the area of viewfinder, you can enable the ‘Pro’ mode on Camera+ for iPhones. After capturing the images with this iPhone, you can access its Lightbox as well. This will further allow you to work with frames, filters and other picture adjustments/editing tools. You need to invest $3 to get this app for your iPhone. 

5. Fantastical 2

If you are looking for a user-friendly app for viewing the calendar and getting reminders, Fantastical 2 is your ultimate choice. The key features include its use of natural language for setting alerts and creating complex repeating events. If you create a list of invitees with this app, you will be able to call, message or email them very fast. It enables you to geofence the alerts and set an exact time for reminder events. 

If you have the tendency to forget birthdays and other congratulatory events, it can be resolved by installing Fantastical 2. Here, it enables you to send your greetings or wishes via WhatsApp, text, email or Twitter. There is also an exclusive feature of expanding text snippets by making use of TextExpander. For some reasons, if you need to apply some instant action for snoozing an alert, it also allows multiple options. Hence, you don’t have to worry about getting embarrassed about unnecessary alerts during an important meeting or task. 

Fantastical 2 can be easily synchronized with Google Chrome, Google Maps, and 1Password apps. It is also available for the users in the form of dark and light themes. You can also select your language of preference while setting the reminders on this iPhone app. To download this app on your iPhone, you need to visit the App Store. For purchasing this app with full features, you have to spend within $5 or obtain it directly from the experts. 

6. CARROT Weather

A wide range of weather apps doesn’t work perfectly on iOS-based gadgets. Hence, if you want to select an app with a fantastic looking interface, you can install CARROT Weather on your iPhone. With this app, you will receive daily weather reports on your device. It will also provide information on rain predictions and adapt to real-time changes by quick updates. This app is quite popular with those group of iPhone users, who don’t mind getting hilariously twisted weather forecasts. 

The price for installing this app of CARROT Weather along with its premium features is within $5. So, you can include this while purchasing your best apps for iPhone from Australia Web Development support team. 

7. Camera+2

For those who want to have some enhanced photography experience, they can choose the latest version of this Camera+2 app. With the installation of Camera+2 app, you can avail the features of camera and editing tools on both iPad as well as iPhone. It will also not require any additional IAPs and provide features like ‘Manual Shooting’, ‘Action Mode’, ‘Macro Mode’, Slow Shutter’, ‘RAW Capture and Editing’, ‘Portrait and Depth Capture’, ‘Burst Grouping’, ‘Focus Peaking’ and more. You can also allow Siri to perform the actions that you want to perform with the iPhone’s camera. This will also eliminate the need to tap any feature or unlock the device. You will not have to struggle with the shutter for clicking any selfies or group photos. It offers this slow shutter capture mode to avoid shake-ups of iPhone during capturing an image. The price for getting the full features of Camera +2 is within $3, which you can get easily while ordering the best apps for iPhone. 

There are many other names when it comes to discussing the best apps for the iPhone. You can obtain these applications as a free version with limited functions from the online search engine. But, most of them are also available with the feature of ‘In-App Purchases’, which you can install on your favorite gadget. Alternatively, before investing in unreliable sources to obtain iPhone apps, you can consult professionals to secure the deal at the best prices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which iPhone Apps are Available for Free for the Users?

If you don’t want to pay for downloading and installing apps on your favorite iPhone, you can still use some free options. So, you can choose among apps like Gmail, Instagram, Google Maps, Messenger, Snapchat, Bitmoji, Spotify Music, Facebook, BillGuard, Buffer, Dropbox, etc.

What Apps Should You Get for Your iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max Models?

For those who are looking for the best apps for iPhone XR, they can install Shortcuts, Overcast, 1Password, VSCO, PCalc Lite, Pocket, Reeder 3, Scanbot, etc. But, if you want to obtain some useful apps for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, you can download Slor, Darkroom, Halide, Xbox, Depth cam, Instant eSports, Apollo, Snapseed, Pandora Music, etc.