Best Apps for Android in Australia to improvise your Website Performance.

Best Apps for Android

Best Apps for Android in Australia to improvise your Website Performance.

Android apps are gaining popularity among businesses involved in various fields of work. It is hard to find an industry that isn’t using mobile apps. Android apps are the fundamentals to establish an effective communication with your target audience. 

The advancement of technology has developed Android apps to monitor the ongoing performance of a website efficiently. So, if you are running a website, then you must be aware of these apps to get the most out of them. This article has extensively explained the top ten best apps for Android that have a good reputation in the marketplace. 

Learn About the Top 10 Best Apps for Android to Outperform the Leading Websites:

Take a glimpse of the best Android apps for your website.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is considered as the best app for Android to track the performance of websites. It offers an overview of whatever is going on your website. It is possible to take appropriate measures as per the real time updates from Google Analytics. Moreover, it enables you to track the website traffic on a regular basis. Also, it provides an insight of how users have found your website and how are they responding to your site. 

In addition, the inclusion section makes it one of the most powerful tools ahead. This effective tool allows the users to drill down into that specifications with some essentials. Google Analytics is an added advantage for businesses engaged in online marketing. It’s because you can track the ROI for your online marketing. 

Key features of the Google Analytics are discussed below

  1. Google Analytics is a traffic reporter to influence your marketing decisions. 
  2. It enables you to track the conversion rate on your site everyday. 
  3. Google Analytics provide keyword referrals to boot the SEO strategy for your website. 
  4. You will come to know the third party websites that have started linking to your site. 
  5. You can also create semi-custom dashboards for your analytics. For example, you can add web traffic conversions, keyword referrals, and other vital elements to your dashboard. 

2. SEO SERP Mojo

SEO SERP Mojo is a must have tool site owners. It is used to improve your website rankings for any keywords. It allows you to check your site ranking both manually and automatically. hence , you will get fresh rank updates regardless of the app is open or not. 

The SEO Serp Mojo is helpful to analyze the SERP for most of the URLs. Moreover, it tries to cover up all the important keywords that you have targeted for your business website. Therefore, if you use the updated SERP Mojo tool, then you can visualize your website’s performance with high efficiency. Similarly, it can track the trends over a specific period of time. 

The functional roles of SEO SERP Mojo are:

  1. Tracking campaigns and collect as well as visualize the data.
  2. This integrated tool conducts many test sessions to enhance the performance with major error tracking features.
  3. One of the most flexible keyword rank monitoring apps till date.
  4. When you are away from work, you can use this app to keep your updated with your website performance. 

3. Flurry

Flurry is one of the best apps for Android that is reliable both in the Android and iOS platforms. It is an integrated platform of Yahoo Developer’s network and it is popular for its user-friendly nature. This simple app is useful to track new users and active sessions, users as well as more related things. 

In its dashboard, you can monitor app performance and compare the metrics with the previous data. Even, you can verify the app achievement at any time from any place. 

Know the Key features of Flurry:

  1. Activity dashboard and ad hoc reporting are the primary features of Flurry. 
  2. It offers customizable reporting and real time data on your website performance. 
  3. Apart from real-time analytics, you will get the corresponding statics as well. 
  4. It allows you to filter data and create your own dashboard. 
  5. Graphical data presentation, importing and exporting data are noticeable features of Flurry. 
  6. You can obtain user retention reporting for the existing visitors of your site. 

4. Website and SEO Toolbox

Website and SEO toolbox run a series of tests reports back the performance of your website. It offers you recommendations to improve the overall quality of your site. Then, it tests the social network presence and SEO friendliness of your site. This is why it is considered as a useful tool to identify the broken links on your website. 

Characteristics of SEO Toolbox:

  1. In analyses the hidden issues on your website. 
  2. The reports generated helps you to view the progress of your work. 
  3. You will get instant notifications for changes in your SEO score. 
  4. You will easily understand the SEO profile of your competitors. 
  5. You can save hours with the editable SEO reports for your clients or partner websites. 

5. Viord SEO Tools

Virod SEO is a combination of 32 tools including a backlink checker, keyword generator, a full SEO report card, etc. It covers the valuables areas to check the feasibility of your website. 

Benefits of working with Viord SEO tools:

  1. It tests the responsiveness of your site for mobile devices. 
  2. It tests the backlinks of your site with that of the competitive websites. 
  3. The full SEO report include every minute detail of your website. 

6. SEO Administrator

SEO administrator is an Android app that offer suggestions to boost traffic on your website. This app analyses your website and recommend the best keyboards to be used on your site. Until and unless you use SEO administrator, you won’t  be able to realize what a great tool it is. 

Striking Features of SEO Administrator:

  1. It identifies the areas on which you need to focus your efforts. 
  2. You will build quality links to your site and find the respected link partners. 
  3. It covers all the basics of SEO to offer you an SEO friendly website. 
  4. HTML analysis, keyword suggestion, site analysis, and link popularity are the noticeable features of SEO Administrator. 

7. Traffic Travis

It is a multi-functional app that is free to use for website owners. It helps you to create a page that will achieve a good ranking on the search engine. Besides this, Traffic Travis performs keyword analysis for your website. 

Remarkable features of Traffic Travis:

  1. It is considered as the best SEO management tool for any website. 
  2. Using this app you can find the reasons why your competitors outrank your business. 
  3. You will easily spot the relevant keywords for your website. 
  4. The full SEO health check will uncover the technical glitches on your website. 

8.Visitor Analysis

It a specially designed SEO app for Android. It aims at driving people to your website. Moreover, you can encourage future visitors to visit your site to fulfill their requirements. You can even track what existing visitors are viewing on your site. 

Unique characteristics of Visitor Analysis:

  1. Visitor Analysis suggests the necessary corrections on your site. 
  2. You can take immediate actions to improve the experience for your visitors. 
  3. It sends updated reports directly to your Email Address so that you can monitor them in your free time. 

9. Dockvine

Dockvine is the best known app for linking your visitors to your social media channels. You can use this app to open a social media page on your website for channelising the visitors to your profile. The visitors can connect with you on social media without leaving your site. 

Advantages of Dockvine:

  1. This social media app displays your social pages directly on your website. As a result, the interested people will easily find you on social platform. 
  2. Visitors can use the Dockvine Social Media icon to find the social pages of your business. 

10. Site Booster

Site Booster is the last one in the list of best apps for Android. This app is freely available to ensure the ranking of your site. It collects information about your business to secure high positions in directories. 

Perks of using Site Booster:

  1. It helps your website appear among the top-tier business listings. 
  2. Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yelp, FourSquare are some of the search engines considered by Dockvine. 
  3. With a few steps you can show up your website on a variety of search engines, maps, mobile apps, review sites, and more. 

Wrapping Up

Hope, you have got an idea of the best apps for Android to elevate your website rank on leading search engines. Apart from tracking your website performance, these apps will enhance the loading speed of your site. You can thereby ensure that your brilliant website doesn’t go to waste. Therefore, use the highlighted apps to nurture more leads and conversions for your website. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can I check my website response time?

  • First, enter the website URL in the search field and check the optional parameters.
  • Verify the information and perform the execution time test.
  • Last but not least, analyse the results accurately.

Can I fix a slow website?

Yes, it is possible to fix a slow website by conforming to the following parameters:

  • Activating the caching
  • Removing unnecessary add-ons and plugins.
  • Optimizing the image size on your website.
  • Minimizing your website code.
  • .Using a Content Delivery Network

How can I boost my website performance?

Though it is a difficult task to make your website perform at your desired level, you can do this with the help of Android apps. Google Analytics,SEO SERP Mojo, Flurry, Website and SEO Toolbox, Viord SEO tools, SEO Administrator,  Traffic Travis, Visitor Analysis, Dockvine, and Site Booster, are the widely used Android apps for successful organizations.